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  1. Domestic Lives

    CreditProminent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

    When Your House Won’t Let You Go

    We thought we had our house sold twice. But something kept pulling us back, turning us into renovators and flippers.

  2. Renters

    CreditKatherine Marks for The New York Times

    When a Great Apartment Plays Cupid

    In New York City, a hard-to-pass-up lease can often lead to a change in your relationship status.

  3. Guide

    CreditYasu + Junko

    How to Create a Serene Home

    Home should be relaxing, calming, an oasis. We’ll help you get there.

  1. Photo
    CreditStefano Ukmar for The New York Times

    Moving This Summer? Consider a Hard Hat

    Almost 40 percent of listings in New York City are about a block from active construction, and those odds jump in some parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

  2. The Hunt

    CreditKatherine Marks for The New York Times

    You Make the Call: Debuting in a Downtown Studio

    A Michigan native who once vowed she “would never move here” dives headlong into Lower Manhattan. Which studio did she choose?

  3. The High End

    CreditPandiscio Green and Recent Spaces

    A Condo That Nods to Art Deco Design

    The Rockefeller Group is building its first apartments in Manhattan: a new 605-foot condo tower on East 29th Street.

  4. On the Market

    CreditKatherine Marks for The New York Times

    Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan

    This week’s properties are in the West Village, Murray Hill and Gowanus, Brooklyn.

  5. On the Market

    CreditJane Beiles for The New York Times

    Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut

    This week’s properties include a three-bedroom in Greenwich, Conn., and a four-bedroom in Glen Head, N.Y.

Ask Real Estate

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  1. Ask Real Estate


    How Can I Avoid a Rent Increase?

    Landlords always want to raise the rent when a lease is renewed, but a little research could earn you a lot of leverage.

  2. Ask Real Estate


    The Curse of the Guarantor

    Guaranteeing a friend’s lease is a generous thing to do — you just may be responsible for the rent for decades.

Living In

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  1. Living in


    Orange, Conn.: A Farm Town for Families

    The town that developed as a suburb of New Haven and Bridgeport has a range of housing and an annual country fair that ‘pretty much everybody’ attends.