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    Let us help you go from "I can't do this" to "I CAN do this!" with "How to Solve The New York Times Crossword"! Free to everyone, with practice Minis and quizzes to help you sharpen those solving skillz!

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  7. Come help us solve The New York Times crossword puzzle. Wordplay columnist Deb Amlen and associate puzzles editor Sam Ezersky are here with hints and encouragement.

  8. at 1 p.m right here on Twitter. Join and me as we spread our wings and fly.

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    Apr 17

    Today’s New York Times crossword is by me and the very best . It’s been fun reading so many food puns in the replies—almost as fun as semi-jokingly making this theme in the first place 😂

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  13. Manny Nosowsky’s wordplay-packed crossword puzzles inspired a lot of constructors — I include myself in that group — to make puzzles. Even though he doesn’t construct anymore, this month’s constructor spotlight shines on him.

  14. Go, , go! 🏅And for those who would like to get started, join the Crossword Puzzle Collaboration Directory on Facebook to find a veteran constructor who will show you the ropes.

  15. UNFLEEN (v): The act of removing the fleen, or any fleen-like objects.

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  17. To my colleagues who are being lauded today for their incredible contributions to journalism, I applaud you. And to the : I wasn’t kidding about the sardines.

  18. We appreciate you too! And consider whether you might just be improving as a solver. 🏅

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